Humans and horses have lived alongside one another for millennia. We have evolved physically and socially in parallel. With horses playing an important role in agriculture, culture and leisure.

Historically we have used horses to hunt, to fight and to help us grow food. We have long recognised the importance of horses in our social lives, now we are increasing our understanding of the important gift horses give us in our emotional awareness.

Wild Atlantic Awakening offers the opportunity to learn from horses in a stunning part of Donegal, Ireland. Design a specialist retreat to suit your needs and your budget with a range of options designed to help you develop.

Why horses?

As prey animals, horses rely on their herd to keep alert to danger. Horses are highly sensitive beings, one of the ways they keep out of danger in the wild is through keen observation that picks up on tiny movements indicating subtle shifts in energy.

Horses can help us notice ourselves. Our behaviours and emotions, our body language and energy. They can magnify areas where we feel incongruent and help us develop ways to be more authentic in our approach to our personal and professional lives.

Why Mary Anna?

Mary Anna is an experienced leadership coach who also has a passion for horses. Her background was ecology, then PR to encourage sustainable behaviours. She then discovered coaching and following a move to Ireland from London decided to bring all her experience together on the family farm.

A self-confessed pony nut, Mary Anna has worked in the UK and Australia as a groom and riding instructor, was former DC of her local branch of the Irish Pony Club and is qualified in equine facilitated education using the HorseDreamâ„¢ method.

Why Donegal?

Donegal was recently voted the Coolest Place on Earth by National Geographic magazine. It offers extraordinary scenery from mountains to a dramatic coastline, with soft bogland and plenty of nature in between. Visitors receive the warmest welcome and can enjoy a world class destination without the typical tourist hoards.